VI BOSS is a Premier VI Street Fashion and Lifestyle Brand.

VI BOSS is 2 parts, VI and BOSS. To say VI is to have pride for home and love of culture. To say BOSS, in the traditional sense, means to be in business for yourself.

To us, BOSS means more...

BOSS not only means to be a boss over your finances, it also means you are a:

  • Boss over your health.
  • Boss over your relationships.
  • Boss over your emotions.
  • Boss over your time.
  • Boss over your surroundings, and a
  • Boss over your destiny.

We hope our message resonates with you because you embrace the idea of "having pride for home", "love of culture", and "never being a victim to circumstances". because you're a "BOSS ova everything".


is a registered trademark of VI BOSS, LLC.


Hey, current and future VI BOSSES! My name is Erskin, but you can call me Mr.E
Welcome, and thanks for visiting VI BOSS.

As a son of the U.S. Virgin Islands, I look forward to bringing you unique styles that fill you with pride about the Virgin Islands - And constant reminder to never be a victim to circumstances.

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